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Academic Life

Studying at HKU opens the door to endless possibilities. Living in the age where there is an ever-growing interconnectedness of ideas and disciplines, the University empowers students to pursue their passions, explore new interests, integrate knowledge, and create impact in the community and the world. Understand more about how the University supports you.

Academic Advising

The University seeks to provide a holistic and transformative learning experience to students. One of the main features of the University’s undergraduate curriculum is the flexibility to customise your programme by mixing and matching courses from different faculties. We understand it could be both exciting and challenging for you to craft your own study journey. The Academic Advising and Scholarships Office (AASO) provides ample tools and resources to help you map out your learning plan, study smartly and effectively, monitor your progress, and also build your academic and career goals. It is perfectly normal for you to have questions in mind, no matter they are about course selections, coping with university life or looking for internships. Learn more about the University-wide Academic Advising System, which connects you with a supportive network of teachers and students from your home faculties and residential halls, as well as general advisors at the AASO. Stay tuned to the events and workshops organised by the AASO, where you could learn information about major/minor selections, get tips on studying, exchange study sources with your peers and more.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Here at HKU, you will enjoy diverse opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Named as the 1st Most International University in the World by Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2022, HKU prides itself on its extensive network with prestigious universities all over the world, with 382 exchange partners in 46 destinations available for you to choose from when you plan for studying abroad.

Studying abroad gives you an invaluable opportunity to broaden your perspective as a global citizen, develop independence and confidence, build long-lasting friendships, and more. HKU provides a wide variety of study abroad programmes. Some may last for one or two semesters or may run over the reading weeks and summer/winter breaks. Make sure to start your planning early as applications to most programmes have to be made one year ahead! Some key factors that you may consider include in which year or semester you are studying abroad, and whether you wish to transfer credits or not, as these will affect your study plan.

Keep an eye out for the information sessions and study abroad fairs organised by the International Affairs Office to get some planning tips and find out which study abroad destination suits you the most. Click here to view the FAQs on studying abroad, covering topics like application criteria and procedure, credit transfer, exchange scholarships, etc.

Check out the websites of the following HKU offices (arranged in alphabetical order), which offer a wonderful mix of study abroad programmes that cater for your interests and aspirations:

Experiential Learning

To offer a total learning experience, the University encourages students to draw on theoretical knowledge to tackle real-life problems. Through experiential learning, you will be inspired to think beyond your discipline, innovate novel solutions and drive meaningful changes in your community.

All faculties in the University have been incorporating various forms of experiential learning into their curricula, with some having made it as a compulsory graduation requirement. Check with your home faculties to know more about the experiential learning programmes and community partners on offer.

Ever thought of getting together with a group of like-minded friends to launch your very own experiential learning projects? The Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre offers the Experiential Learning Fund (ELF), which subsidises student-initiated experiential learning activities on a group project basis. Click here to view the application guidelines and download the application form.

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