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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Do you consider yourself a creative person open to new ideas and wonder how far you may go? We provide all-round support no matter you are exploring new trends, being passionate about the latest technologies, planning a startup business or having a groundbreaking research idea to change the world. Just dream big and we are here to unleash your potential and make it happen.

Upgrade Your Skills &
Find Like-minded Buddies

Joining a wide variety of workshops is an excellent starting point to explore creativity and stay abreast of new trends. One of the best parts of university life is you are free to experience a diversified range of exciting events organised by faculties, units, and student societies to broaden your horizon and think out of the box.  

Customised for innovative thinkers like you, iDendron organises events and programmes to inspire students who yearn to become entrepreneurs. You may also meet like-minded buddies who share the same vision as you by joining CEDARS programme. If you are interested in learning the legal concepts behind technologies like FinTech and Blockchain, don’t miss out the programmes organised by LITE Lab. 

Fond of engineering innovative ideas? The Innovation Wing provides an open environment to foster interdisciplinary innovations in Engineering and Technology. Students may gain access to state-of-the-art facilities such as 3D printers, laser cutting machines, the podcast studio, etc. To access so, engineering students may apply for membership while students in other disciplines could either join the student interest groups or stay tuned to the Innohub programme. You may also join TechTalk to learn innovation-related topics from engineering researchers. 

Have a Taste of Solving Real-world Problems

Case Competitions

Students joining case competitions will work in groups to propose new ideas for solving problems and bringing enhancement to an organisation or the community. There is no right or wrong, and it is a great chance for you to test your analytical skills, turn ideas into actions, and pitch your strategy to industry professionals. You may even win a prize to fund your idea or a career opportunity in top-notch companies. Stay tuned to CEDARS, HKU Business School, and your faculty’s updates if you are up for the challenge. You may also wish to join a case competition designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you. 

Career Opportunities

Do you yearn to work in an emerging industry or start your own business? Explore ample opportunities to enhance your skill sets, build your network and evaluate job options to help you get closer to your goals. Both CEDARS and iDendron provide abundant career and networking opportunities in this field. Visit our career page to learn about other job opportunities too.   

Turning Dreams into Reality

Congratulations if you already have new ideas and a plan in mind! Your next step could be to validate your proposal, seek funding and talk to our professionals. iDendron is your buddy that specialises in nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. You may wish to join the Entrepreneurship Academy if you have a rough business idea in mind and further challenge yourself by joining the Start-up Support Programmes which you may gain structured training, funding or even access to the co-working space to put your idea into a business. Explore other funding opportunities here.