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Career & Networking

Understand Yourself & Explore Job Options

The University is one of the best places for you to meet people from diverse background and you may be surprised by the ample opportunities you can enjoy here. Make use of the personality assessment tools online (e.g. MBTI) to understand more about your personality and strengths that help you identify suitable job options. You can also observe so when you engage in various university activities such as group projects and Student Associations’ events. Though you may have already thought of or chosen your major, never limit yourself and keep yourself open to all opportunities and understand the prospect of different industries even out of your academic field. It is thus great to talk to your peers, teachers or have an one-on-one career consultation with the professionals from CEDARS or your home faculty. 

CEDARS is your buddy to unleash your potential and provide guidance and support such that you can identify and land your dream job. Don’t miss out their career resources and stay tuned to their events such as the Career Fair, Companies’ Recruitment Talks and Alumni Sharing which allow you to explore dynamic job options. 

Basic Preparation & Upgrade Your Skills

Before job hunting, start with the basics such as building your CV and strengthening your interview skills. CEDARS provides step-by-step guide on how you can prepare for job searching and useful tools such as CV checker, aptitude practice tests and interview questions bank. CEDARS also organises seminars and workshops on interview skills or insider tips that help you prepare for your job hunt. 

If you are applying for your first internship / part-time job without any working experience, consider joining activities that build transferable skills relevant to the industry and job nature. Some of the students may join the student association to train teamwork, leadership, event management and communication skills, while others may also join case competitions to strengthen their analytical and problem-solving skills. The key is to understand the job requirement, company’s background and industry nature, and demonstrate that you have the relevant skills and are passionate in the job you are looking for. Want to stand out of the crowd and start your own business? Read more about the opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Internships & Networking

There are numerous job opportunities for you and it could take a wide variety of format such as part-time job, internships and placements (may need to take gap year) in the public sector, commercial field and NGOs. There may even be overseas internship that allow you to experience the working culture elsewhere. Stay tuned to the latest announcement of CEDARS and your home faculty to learn more.  


Building a network at an early stage could help you better understand and evaluate different job options. Apart from connecting with your peers and teachers, join our  mentorship programme in which your mentor could provide valuable insider tips that inspire you to identify your career goal and plan your career path. There may also be mentorship programme offered by your home faculty.