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HKU always strives to push the frontiers of knowledge through cutting-edge research. We understand the importance of nurturing a vibrant research culture within the University, and so we provide an excellent platform for students to gain hands-on experience and discover their research interests. 

Undergraduate Research

Do you have a topic in mind that you wish to explore? Would you like to develop research skills and prepare yourself for academic and research careers in the future? Check out the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP), which serves as a springboard for budding undergraduate researchers. It promises you the opportunity to undertake research under the guidance and mentorship of world-class academics in HKU. The Common Core Office also offers transdisciplinary research opportunities to students, enabling you to integrate knowledge from different fields.  

Overseas Research Internships

If you are keen on gaining both international exposure and research experiences, watch out for the overseas research internships opportunities offered by the International Affairs Office as well as your home faculty. These internships could be a useful gateway to more overseas study and career opportunities in the future. 

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